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Free to Pursue focuses on helping readers live life on their terms. 

I'm seeking opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to produce meaningful and targeted content. I have 400+ ideas at the ready, many of which are already in draft format.

I write well-researched pieces on lifestyle, finance/financial independence, mindfulness, simplicity, relationships, minimalism, travel, and everything that matters most in living the good life. My work has been featured on Life Hacker and Rockstar Finance and has been published on three other personal finance blogs.

I'm a voracious reader. Over the past three years, I've devoured 200+ books and often use what I learn to fuel my writing. You can see my top 10 recommendations here.

I have a background in large enterprise (MBA, retired from corporate Canada in my late thirties) and small business, as well as health sciences (Kinesiology), which offers me unique insights into the world of business and how to thrive within it by leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Already a published business school case author, I'm working on my first book, scheduled for completion December 2015.

Ms Helene (Free to Pursue)
Ms Helene (Free to Pursue)
Blogger / Writer 

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Mr Kyle  Prevost
Mr Kyle Prevost
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