Kali Hawlk

Kali Hawlk loves all things related to branding, messaging, and inbound marketing. She currently serves as the Director of Marketing at XY Planning Network, and is a freelance writer passionate about using her skills and knowledge to help others make, do, and create more.

Kali currently works as a contributing writer for a variety of publications, including The Huffington Post, Tech Cocktail, Investopedia, Mint, Staples, ADP, Discover, Uber, Trulia, Student Loan Hero, and MyBankTracker. She’s been featured as a financial expert for Millennials in many online publications including Forbes, Fast Company, US News, and Mashable.

Kali Hawlk
Kali Hawlk
Writer and Content Marketer 

Kate Dore United States

Ms Kate Dore
Freelance Writer / Social Media Marketing Consultant / Owner & Editor, Cashville Skyline 

Kirsten Whittingham United States

Mrs Kirsten Whittingham
Blogger / Freelancer