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If you're looking for a trusted authority in the areas of student loans, bankruptcy, debt and consumer protection then I can help.

As your readers drown in a sea of content, your challenge is to present clear and concise information that informs and entertains.

Site owners need to be sure that the articles they publish are reliable and accurate. Content creators struggle with the overwhelming and complex volume of research available to help accomplish their goals.

I can help you get what you're looking for.

I've been a consumer protection attorney in the fields of consumer bankruptcy, credit reporting, debt collection harassment and student loans since 1995. I've not only helped thousands of people with their bill problems, I'm also a nationally-recognized speaker and teacher in the field.

Need help? Let's set up a time to meet and see how I can help you further your business objectives.

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Kayla is the owner of and she recently quit her full-time job to pursue freelance writing and blog management full-time. She is seeking new clients for her business as she is passionate about helping people be moresuccessful.

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