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Chonce Maddox
Freelance Writer 

Narrow Bridge Media United States

Freelance writer with eight years of online writing experience

Eric Rosenberg
Freelancer Writer 

NerdWallet United States

(Note: Many of our writer and editor positions can be filled remotely) NerdWallet is looking for great full-time writers with an entrepreneurial mindset. You have ideas to contribute. You want to do more than earn a living. You want to help build a business. You're highly comfortable with change and taking constructive criticism. You're a strong writer who wants to keep improving and learning new skills.

That's what it takes to thrive at NerdWallet. We've been around since 2009, helping consumers make smart financial decisions. We cover consumer finance -- banking, credit cards, education, health care, insurance, investing, mortgages, personal loans, shopping, small business -- you name it.

We have a content team of 50+ and we're growing.

Our staff writers and editors have worked at outlets such as ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, Dow Jones, ESPN, the LA Times, MarketWatch, MSN, MSN Money, Reuters, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post. We also have staff writers who spent years as successful freelancers. What we have in common: We take initiative. We think strategically. We problem solve effectively. We're adaptable. We're highly collaborative.


  • Write high-quality stories with reasonable deadlines
  • Help build our business


  • Flexibility and high comfort with change. (We're a successful startup that will continue to grow and innovate aggressively.)
  • A strong work ethic
  • A strong command of language
  • Attention to details
  • The ability to work well on your own, as well as in a team setting
  • The ability to juggle multiple projects
  • Strong work samples in hard news or complex topics. Our work involves understanding complex topics and explaining them conversationally. We will not consider applicants whose experience is concentrated in sports or features unless you've also covered hard news and provide such work samples. Please include links to your work samples along with your cover letter and resume.


NerdWallet gives consumers and small businesses clarity around all of life’s financial decisions. When it comes to credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, insurance, loans or expenses like hospital costs and medical bills, consumers make almost all their decisions in the dark. NerdWallet is changing that, helping guide consumers' decisions with free, accessible tools, research and expert advice.


  • 100% paid premiums for medical, dental and vision for employee and dependents
  • 401(k) with company match
  • Generous, flexible vacation
  • Catered lunches daily, free dinner, and a kitchen stocked full of snacks
  • In-office fitness classes
  • Paid commuter benefits
  • Friday happy hours
  • Pet-friendly office
Ms Claire Davidson

Principles of Increase United States

Aja McClanahan, principal contributor and I’m an urban dweller living in the heart of the inner city and all that the phrase implies. Beyond that I am a mom, wife, business owner, and Jesus lover who happens to like where my family is at in life right now. We’ve managed to pay off debt completely, begin saving and wealth building in what is supposed to be a place where no one prospers and no one succeeds. We are beating the odds through faith, persistence and a little creativity. I’d like to continue sharing our story,  hoping it encourages and inspires people to envision and execute the impossible!

More about me

Aja McClanahan- Database consultant, momager of two lovely girls who’ve gotten an early start in the entertainment industry and community activist.

Ms Aja McClanahan

Reluctantlandlord United States

I am a real estate investor who own 7 houses and self-manages 10 all over the United States. My goal is to grow our empire into 10 houses in the next 12 months and to 15 in the next 30 months. We are on track to close on 2 more houses by the end of the year.

After realizing that there were very little resources for the average or reluctant landlord, my site was born. I started the website to teach others how to be successful in all aspects of real estate especially the self-management aspect and the ability to finance an empire. On reluctantlandlord I discuss landlording, self-managing, purchasing, taxes, mortgages, and most importantly, frugal living. It is the frugal living that is the source of our down payments and seed money.  

Over the years I have found that I truly love writing and talking business matters. It is the perfect combination of my MBA and Finance/Accounting background, mixed with my growing Real Estate business. 

I am looking for freelance business writing, podcasts and other positions. At this time I am simply looking for different opportunities to share my love of business to everyone no matter one's background or level of understanding. Nothing make me smile than more when I see the realization as business subjects go from Greek to plain English. 

Elizabeth Colegrove

Saidia Financial Solutions United States

Tai Stewart

Shaev & Fleischman LLP United States

If you're looking for a trusted authority in the areas of student loans, bankruptcy, debt and consumer protection then I can help.

As your readers drown in a sea of content, your challenge is to present clear and concise information that informs and entertains.

Site owners need to be sure that the articles they publish are reliable and accurate. Content creators struggle with the overwhelming and complex volume of research available to help accomplish their goals.

I can help you get what you're looking for.

I've been a consumer protection attorney in the fields of consumer bankruptcy, credit reporting, debt collection harassment and student loans since 1995. I've not only helped thousands of people with their bill problems, I'm also a nationally-recognized speaker and teacher in the field.

Need help? Let's set up a time to meet and see how I can help you further your business objectives.

Mr Jay Fleischman
Student Loan and Consumer Bankruptcy Lawyer 

Shoeaholicnomore United States is a personal finance website that encourages people to save money, spend less, and live life to the fullest.

Kayla is the owner of and she recently quit her full-time job to pursue freelance writing and blog management full-time. She is seeking new clients for her business as she is passionate about helping people be moresuccessful.

Kayla Sloan
Freelance Writer 

SILB, LLC United States

Mr Jeff Fruhwirth

Unplanned Finance United States

Mrs Hannah Rounds
Author and Marketing Analyst